‘Conscience’ money boxes to be put in Houses of Parliament

Lords and members have been encouraged to ‘take what money they need, according to their consciences’ with the introduction of expenses ‘honesty’ boxes, which will be topped up half-hourly.

‘Now that we have made sleaze a thing of the past,’ said David Cameron, ‘it is time for us to treat Lords and members with the respect they deserve as honest, principled and unselfish people’.

‘In the end,’ said Mr Cameron, ‘it will save us so much money. We can close the administrative departments that monitor Lords’ and members’ expenses and allow self-regulation. There is no doubt that the public trusts politicians and I am pleased that they trust me so much.’

Lords and members were generally supportive of this new, money-saving feature. One Conservative MP, who preferred to remain anonymous for modesty reasons, said: ‘I feel so relieved that I can now redecorate my estate, in order to help my council house constituents. It gives them the appropriate aspirations they need and demonstrates how the small man can achieve greatness, if they get of their fat backsides and work.’

A Labour Lord noted that: ‘this is one of those rare moments when I agree with the Tories. ‘No one, at the House of Westminster, needs to be monitored. We are not children or common people. Serving the people is high maintenance and those people should realize that we have more to do that worry about cash – especially in these difficult economic times.’

A trial run of the scheme indicated that the money box may need to be topped up more frequently. ‘This is the price the country has to pay, for drastic cuts’ said the Prime Minister.


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