Moderate Bouncers condemn Raoul Moat’s methods


Facebook tribute pages and illiterate floral shrines to Raoul Moat, the 37-year-old Tyneside bouncer who shot his ex-girlfriend, her partner and a police officer, turning the gun on himself following a week-long manhunt, have caused outrage in parliament and the press, with columnists falling over themselves to decipher what this says about Britain.

Conspicuous by their silence, though, were members of the bouncer community themselves, and this reluctance to comment was seen by many in the wider community as tacitly condoning Moat’s manifesto of misogyny and his hatred for the police, perhaps even seeking to elevate him to martyr status, or as one commentator put it, ‘our generation’s Diana’.

Against this back-drop of mounting media outrage and political pressure, The Council of British Bouncers (CBB), an organisation claiming to represent moderate, mainstream British bouncers, issued a statement to the media condemning the methods of Raoul Moat.

CBB Secretary-General, Dave Hammond, reading from the statement to the press conference at Cadillacs, Bracknell’s premier nightspot, said that the actions of Raoul Moat ‘disgusted all true bouncers’ and should not be taken to represent the mainstream bouncer community.

‘Bouncing is not about violence. It is about creating inner peace within the walls of a nightclub or pub, checking ID and chatting up skirt in the queue. Some have tried to paint this senseless and barbaric series of events as evidence of an on-going war between bouncers and the wider community, and we are wary of those who would use this to promote that agenda.

‘It is true that bouncers believe trouble-makers should be removed, but wherever possible in a non-violent way, and only from the clubs we’re on the door for. Raoul Moat should have looked at other options for dealing with his ex and her new bloke. It is vital that the moderate majority of bouncers is vocal in their condemnation of fanatical extremists like Moat, and express their commitment to equality and respect…providing you’re not wearing a hoody or trainers, obviously.’

The press conference was half-empty due to hacks who appeared drunk being turned away at the door, and seemed to feature an unusually high proportion of young blonde journalists in white stilettos, but was cut short after a sarcastic question from a student journalist about steroid use in the bouncer community triggered the assembled CBB members to drag him outside and beat the crap out of him.

Golgo13 (hat tip to Thisisall1word, Oxbridge, AlO’Pecia)

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