Exclusive to NewsBiscuit; the Raoul Moat Porcelain Figurine


Now you can treasure the memory of ‘our generation’s Diana’ with your very own commemorative Raoul Moat porcelain figurine. Remember the way he was before the untimely death that captured the hearts of millions and made ‘Our Raoul’ an icon around the world. The figurine is hand painted by our craftsman and is individually numbered for authenticity and can be purchased with or without abandoned tent.

Put him on the sideboard, place him on the corner shelf, or hide him in the garden and challenge the police to find him within a week. The Raoul Moat Porcelain Figurine will bring a touch of psychopath to your home that you will treasure forever.

Image by Red, from an idea by Ludicity

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Posted: Jul 18th, 2010 by

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