Cameron condemns ‘sick’ Facebook Gordon Brown tribute page

Prime Minister David Cameron led condemnation of tributes to ‘a dangerous self-pitying sociopath with a persecution complex,’ found on the Facebook fan page ‘Gorden Brown u Ledgend’.

The man, known affectionately to his admirers as Mopey, is described on the social networking site as ‘a gent’, ‘the iron chancellor’ and ‘a really a nice bloke once you get to know him’, in contrast to the more widely accepted image of a man who emerged seething with resentment from a long spell of incarceration inside 11 Downing Street and immediately went on a rampage to settle scores.

As well as the internet tributes, there has been further widespread condemnation of the ‘ghoulish’ activities of accomplices and hangers-on cashing in on the tragedy through lucrative book deals, and bids for senior political office. Despite this, police officials admitted nobody has been able to find the controversial anti-hero since he escaped from the media spotlight in June ‘although to be honest, nobody’s really been looking that hard’.

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