Queen’s waving arm to be used to generate power during Royal engagements

cost reduction measures welcomed by the public

Following successful trials at the Sandringham Flower Show earlier this month, it has been announced that the Queen is to have her waving arm connected to a generator to produce green energy whilst the monarch is carrying out official engagements.

Once the technology is fully installed it is hoped Her Majesty’s oscillating limb will provide sufficient kinetic power to run not only her Rolls Royce’s satellite navigation system but also the car’s DVD player so Prince Philip can enjoy his Lady Gaga collection without feeling guilty about the planet.

Anxious to counter accusations of extravagance at a time when the nation is struggling to come out of recession, the Royal Family has been searching for a way of portraying themselves in a more positive light. The idea to harness the natural energy from the Queen is based upon an old idea of the Prince of Wales which he had devised for the Queen Mother during his Goon Show years at university which involved having his Grandmother’s drinking arm wired up to the National Grid.

Although Buckingham Palace has hailed the announcement as a demonstration of the Royal commitment to the green economy, newly elected Green Party MP, Caroline Lucas, dismissed the idea of the Queen generating power from waving at crowds as ‘nothing more than gesture politics.’

A Palace spokesman was keen to defend the scheme, ‘Of course, Her Majesty is a little frailer these days’, said a Palace spokesman, ‘but she is still running the entire county with little effort, so to power up a limousine should be easier than the Duchess of York.’

It is understood that the next Eco-Royal initiative will involve capturing power directly from Prince Charles’ ears, although engineers say they have not tackled wind sails on such a large scale before.

21st July 2010

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