Father stops filming for two bloody minutes; misses child’s first steps

After taking the unprecedented step of ‘putting that sodding camcorder down for two bloody minutes’, Geoff Curran is counting the cost of ‘trying to actually enjoy just being with his family for a change’.

Eyewitnesses said that on a trip to a family fun farm Curran finally listened to a request from his spouse and returned his camcorder to his rucksack. It was as he complied with the follow-up request to hand over the back-up flipcam hidden in his sock that he missed the chance to record for posterity his 16 month-old son’s first tentative steps towards a slightly mangy and bad-tempered looking donkey.

‘I won’t make that mistake again — capturing moments of Jack’s life like that is priceless,’ he said afterwards, resuming the hold of his camcorder ten inches in front of his face, ‘And more to the point I’d’ve been a dead cert for a couple of hundred quid from You’ve Been Framed if I’d got the missus going arse over tit on a donkey turd chasing after him.’

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