Man who demanded ‘just a trim’ banned from local hairdressers

A Norfolk man has been banned from hairdressers in the county after he walked into his local barber’s and requested ‘just a trim please’.

Joe Kitchener (42) said that after years of torment at the hands of hairdressers asking him questions such as ‘is it a seven all over, do you want the back squared or tapered, and how do you like the sideburns’, he decided ‘enough was enough’ and decided to speak his mind. ‘I’d had enough of being given the bloody third-degree so I told them straight that all I wanted was shorter hair’.

Mr Kitchener added that he plans to be firm with his next hairdresser visit and is ready to tell them exactly what he wants. ‘I also want to give them a bit of a challenge so they don’t get ideas of their own’ he said, ‘so ‘short back and sides please’, should do the trick.’

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