Smug git in trouble for spoiling parable

A 32 year-old unemployed man had a strip torn off him publicly yesterday by Jesus Christ, a well known Messiah.

Harry Vole, wearing a t-shirt reading ‘Sin? Me? Never!’ has apparently been turning up to public stonings , waiting until Mr Christ starts his ‘let him who is without sin..’ bit, and then flipping a flat stone pebble at the accused before sauntering off whistling.

Witnesses watched as Mr Christ threatened Mr Vole with ‘a punch up the breadbasket if you do that again, sunshine.’ Mr Vole also vehemently declined Mr Christ’s offer to take part in his next ‘raising from the dead’ miracle.

Scholars currently engaged in a heated debate about whether being a smug bastard actually counts as one of the deadly sins, which – if agreed – will place Mr Vole’s actions in some sort of metaphysical paradox.

Zadok the second (inspired by Rikkor and Al O’pecia)

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