Fancy dress parties ‘discriminating against the unimaginative’

The hosts of themed fancy dress parties could be unwittingly discriminating against less creative and imaginative people, a recent study has concluded.

‘The pressure to concoct a realistic costume that is also witty and clever in its interpretation is immense’ stated the report, and quoted one couple who had recently attended a Star Wars themed party. ‘It was terrible’ they moaned. ‘There was a full length Wookie costume, a brightly burnished C3P0 and some guy done up like Darth Maul, spikes and all. And then there was us: ‘Han Solo’ in a work shirt, trousers and a black leather Quo waistcoat and a brown ‘Jedi’ dressing gown!’

To combat this problem, the Equality and Human Rights Commission will be distributing fancy dress information packs to assist budding but inept costume creators. The precise contents of this pack will be unveiled next month at the EHRC’s annual summer ball – theme: the Baroque Court of The Sun King, Louis XIV.

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