Latest series of SpongeBob to reflect newly oil-rich aquatic kingdom

Fans of comical sea sponge SpongeBob Squarepants are to receive a shock when the new series launches later this summer. Gone are the whimsical tales of the humorous starfish and his humble ocean adventures as the series changes to reflect the new found wealth of the oil-rich undersea world.

Series producer Joe Smith explains ‘many ocean inhabitants like SpongeBob are now sitting on a small fortune thanks to the sudden and inexplicable appearance of gallons of oil in their own back reefs. You can see ostentatious displays of this new found wealth already. Sharks have started to get gold teeth put in, and many schools of fish have turned private. It’s important that we reflect these changes on the show’.

New characters are also set to join the show, such as Toxic Tony, a former CEO who has been banished to live in the ocean as penance for doing some very bad things.

Smith promises that the new series will be ‘darker, slicker, and full of crude material’.


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