‘Homeopathy could have saved Princess Di’ – Charles

Princess Diana would be alive today if she had received homeopathic treatment following the car crash that killed her in August 1997, Prince Charles has told a London conference on homeopathy.

As a result of the accident, the Princess’s heart was displaced from the left to the right side of the chest, which tore the pulmonary vein and the pericardium. She died in a Paris hospital. But yesterday the Heir to the Throne said: ‘Diana would be with us today if only someone had had the knowledge to administer St John’s Wort, which is a proven cure for heart problems.’

The Prince, who as well as advocating homeopathic remedies, also believes that plants flourish if engaged in conversation with gardeners, and that marrows know if someone is having non-consensual sex with them, said he also believed that homeopathy could have saved Diana even after she had been pronounced dead.

‘A portion of Nux Vomica and Apis Mellifica would have restored her to life,’ the Prince told the conference.

Prince Charles also believes that homeopathy has helped the Duchess of Cornwall retain her youthful looks and saved him from total baldness.

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