Clegg 40% less fanciable than three months ago

Following his decision to join forces with the Conservatives, Lib Dem leader, Nick Clegg, has seen his sexual attractiveness plummet.  The Facebook group, ‘Nick Clegg? I would’ has seen its membership drop by 40% in the last three months. Coming so soon after the giddy highs of the leadership debates, this will be seen as a personal disaster for Mr Clegg.

E-Political commentator and social media expert, sexyprof54, said, ‘Sexiness has long been an important asset in politics. From Anthony Eden to Margaret Thatcher and more recently, Tony Blair, people have always sought to elect PMILFs. It is scientifically proven that we would rather a beautiful person screwed up our country than a grotesquely ugly one.

Many of his admirers are now too embarrassed to speak out, but one brave lady, henmaniac1965, did write on her wall, ‘When he looked straight down that camera lens and spoke to the nation, it was like he was ravishing me with his eyes. Ooh, he could be as Liberal as he liked with me! I haven’t felt that giddy since Tiger Tim last pumped his fist at SW19. Now, Nick Clegg? I certainly would not!’


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