Secret revealed as man admits ‘I was the hysterical male fan in Beatles film’

A 63 year old man was forced to admit that he was indeed the sole hysterical male amongst hundreds of screaming girls featured in an old Beatles documentary clip on BBC4 last weekend after his 6 year old granddaughter pointed out the ‘stupid yelling man on the TV looks just like the old picture of granddad on the wall.’

‘I was traumatised and embarrassed by the whole episode and until now, I’ve managed to keep it a secret,’ sighed Ronnie Baxter, after confessing that he had been caught on camera during the filming of the Fab Four’s film debut, ‘A Hard Day’s Night.’

Ronnie, then 17, explained he had joined a queue outside a North London theatre lured partly by posters promising a free secret free gig by a mystery band, but mostly by a long line of pretty young girls. ‘After a while we were herded into the stalls. Suddenly the Beatles came on stage and the place went wild with every girl screeching hysterically, and I found myself joining in with the emotion of it all.’

Ronnie didn’t realise that the impromptu concert had been filmed so it was only when he took a girl to see ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ that he realised to his horror, not only was he in the film, but also he was right in the very middle of the screen surrounded by dozens of tearful hysterical pubescent girls, screaming like a banshee without another lad in sight.

‘It was a terrible moment,’ recalled Ronnie. ‘The immediate effect was that Maureen, the girl I was with, called me a ‘Nancy Boy’ rather loudly and walked out. Then I had to leave with howls of derision from everyone in the cinema.’

From that moment, Ronnie pretended that he ‘didn’t care for’ the Beatles so the news that Ronnie had appeared in a Beatle’s film came as a surprise to his children who had always understood that the grandfather of three had intensely disliked Merseyside’s finest. ‘I always told everyone that I preferred the Rolling Stones,’ said Ronnie. ‘It all seems rather silly now and I feel a little guilty that I deserted the Beatles.’

Fortunately, Ronnie still has one happy memory of his short film career, ’I’ll swear George winked at me as they sang ‘All My Loving’‘, he remembered softly.

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