Nigerian email scammers to raise industry standards with ‘Mystery Sucker’ scheme

Only trust accredited scammers

Only trust accredited scammers

The Association for Nigerian E-Finance today announced a quality assurance scheme to raise the standard of its online services. ‘We are concerned that the quality of email scams arising from our members has declined in recent years,’ said Mr Nigel Mwanga, Association spokesperson and only son of a recently deceased multi-millionaire oil executive. ‘We need to make sure Nigeria remains a market leader.’

The ‘Mystery Sucker’ scheme will see a group of UK undergraduates posing as unsuspecting punters and contacting the ‘Shop-a-Useless-Scammer Hotline’ when they come across unimaginative set-ups relayed in tell-tale broken English.

‘We believe this scheme will be a real winner,’ continued Mr Mwanga. ‘Unfortunately we’re having a few IT problems, so if members could just transfer the £10,000 registration fee into my sister-in-law’s bank account, we’ll put their certificates in the post.’

(Hat-tip to Golgo13)

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