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North Korea threatens massive invective strike against US

No one had the balls to mention it wasn't dress-down Friday

Pyongyang last night threatened a strongly-worded intercontinental attack against ‘the US imperialist bastards and their traitorous lickspittles in Seoul,’ adding that there was ‘more where that came from’.

However the Pentagon has played down the threat. ‘We’ve known for some time that North Korea has been smuggling words into the country,’ said a spokesman. ‘They’re stockpiling an arsenal of vitriolic and offensive rhetoric in case of a major war of words in the region, but we’re confident our Sticks and Stones Defence Shield will thwart any North Korean offensive up to the size of the Concise Oxford English Dictionary.’

Asked if he was concerned about the North Korean threat, Captain David Lausman, the USS George Washington’s commanding officer in the Sea of Japan, said: ‘Hell, no. Why, we’ll just nuke ‘em to smithereens with another round of sanctions.’

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Posted: Aug 6th, 2010 by roybland

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