Mel Gibson to re-launch career with ‘What Women Want 2 – A Good Kicking’

Gibson will 'knock 'em dead' in new role

Hollywood producers confirmed today that the hotly-anticipated sequel to Mel Gibson’s box-office smash ‘What Women Want’ will hit cinemas in December in time for the Christmas heavy-drinking and domestic violence season. The film – subtitled ‘What Women Want? I’ll Tell You What They Fucking Deserve’ – is said to showcase all Gibson’s talents and has been described by critics as ‘an absolute belter’.

‘Cleverly, the script writers have moved the story on from the original,’ said film critic Mark Kermode. ‘The new movie is a little darker as Gibson’s character leaves his wife, takes up with a woman half his age and then begins drinking heavily. That might not sound very funny, but believe me, it’s a movie packed with slapstick, knockabout comedy and some brilliant fight scenes.’

While in the original film Gibson’s character developed the ability to read women’s thoughts after hitting his head in a fall, in the sequel he plays a man’s man who after a hard morning’s drinking develops the ability to know exactly what’s best for women – and with hilarious consequences.

‘It’s good clean fun,’ said Kermode, ‘but it doesn’t shy away from difficult issues. In one scene Gibson’s character tries to deal with his girlfriend’s low self-esteem by asking her, ‘Are you seriously gonna go out like that? You look like a bitch in heat, and if you get raped by a bunch of black guys, it will be your fault.’ It’s a difficult message to get across, but Mel’s a forceful actor and in the end he convinces her he’s right.’

‘But this is a family movie, so a minute later the tension’s broken and everyone’s falling around laughing as his girlfriend gives herself a black eye walking into a door.’

The movie culminates in a tear-jerking court-room scene in which Gibson’s character reveals his softer side and breaks down in public as he loses everything he loves – his house, his kid, his money and his status. ‘But as he fills the air with expletives and swings his bottle of whiskey around, there’s still time for a light-hearted finish as he yells at the judge, ‘You can take my life, but you’ll never take MY FREEDOM!’ He got two years.’

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