Advertisement Feature: Get that ‘just back from holiday’ look with new L’Oréal SunBurn

no need to eat paella ever again!

Want the sophisticated aura of the Brit abroad but without the greasy foreign food and untrustworthy locals? Want to look like you’ve been broiling on a beach in Magaluf but can’t be bothered to collect the newspaper coupons? Then why not enjoy the pain and embarrassment of a traditional overseas beach holiday from the comfort of your own home with new spray-on SunBurn from L’Oréal?

Made with organic Mediterranean lobster pigment, just one can of new L’Oréal SunBurn will turn your entire body a deep and luscious pink no matter what your acreage, while its active ingredients will give you that authentic all-over burn within minutes. Simply pop on the protective goggles, open all the windows and watch as its fine mist reaches even those places the sun don’t shine.

‘I really turned heads when I got back to the office,’ said first-time user Mr G. Stokes of Ledbury. ‘L’Oréal SunBurn put the colour back in my cheeks – I looked like a slapped alcoholic emerging from a house fire. Everyone thought I’d been dozing by the pool in Zakynthos, not sitting on the sofa in my pants watching Grey’s Anatomy. I can’t recommend it highly enough.’

But Mr Stokes is just one of many satisfied customers:

‘I don’t need a bedside lamp now I can read by the glow from my torso.’ – Mr D, Northampton

‘It’s like a skin graft without the waiting times.’ – Mrs K, Hereford

‘For Christ’s sake don’t touch me!’ – Mrs F, Chester

And don’t forget, L’Oréal SunBurn also comes with our revolutionary Peel™ technology, helping your entire epidermis to flake off in just five days and leaving you with realistic soreness and scarring. Try it today at all good chemists, burn wards and melanoma clinics.

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