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Woman called ‘Sheila’ enters race to be next Australian Prime Minister

After its previous leader Tony Abbott failed to connect with women voters, the Australian Liberal Party has unveiled a previous unknown called Sheila as its new leader and Prime Ministerial candidate.

‘Let’s face it,’ said a Liberal spokesman, ‘every Australian man knows how useful a Sheila can be, providing they know their place. Plus in most cases, a bloke’s mother, sister, wife and dog are called Sheila, and everyone trusts someone with the same name as their mother.’

Polls now suggest the Liberals are on their way to a landslide victory, but the Australian Labor Party has criticised the move as a gimmick. ‘People won’t vote for a candidate just because of their name,’ said a spokesman. ‘But in case they do, this is our new leader, Bruce.’


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Posted: Aug 10th, 2010 by Guest

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