Boy, 9, in accidental fruit and veg overdose

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Nine-year-old Sam Ryder of Stevenage is in a stable condition this morning following an accidental fruit and vegetable overdose.

‘When we ran out of crisps, Sam absent-mindedly reached for an apple,’ said his mother Aimee. ‘But when he’d finished it his face started to turn a disgustingly healthy shade of pink. We knew at once something was wrong.’

‘He’d had crisps watching telly, haribos when he was gaming and a large popcorn at the cinema, so that was OK. But we then discovered he’d had a banana at breakfast, broccoli and a whole glass of orange juice at his nan’s, and two handfuls of sultanas when he got back. The apple had tipped him over five a day.’

Consultant surgeon Mr Tom Morris has warned parents to be more watchful. ‘Without swift intervention Sam could have reached a critical state and might have started to read books and go for long walks in the country.’

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