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BBC Newsnight engineers confess to fooling around with sound levels

Studio engineers working on BBC2’s Newsnight have admitted to tampering with the sound levels to make the late-night programme more interesting.

‘It started when Iain Duncan Smith gave that ‘Quiet Man’ speech,’ said one. ‘We thought it would be funny to see how low we could take the volume on his mic before anyone noticed. On some nights he might as well have been miming.’

‘After that somebody thought of seeing how high we could get the volume on Kirsty Wark’s voice. It’s currently evens whether the monitor speakers give up first or the producer’s ears start bleeding.’

The engineers have also admitted to randomly turning up Jeremy Paxman’s mic to provide sudden, unnecessary emphasis on certain words, while the effects guys love to terrify his guests by regularly setting his face to ‘appalled’ mid-interview.


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Posted: Aug 12th, 2010 by Guest

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