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Fury as political correctness leads to ban on the phrase ‘political correctness gone mad’

An earth-moving device

A new Government diktat will stop ordinary people from using the phrase ‘political correctness gone mad’, requiring them instead to describe any act of well-meaning but ill-thought-out officiousness as ‘political correctness suffering from a mental health issue that affects one in three people’.

‘All we are trying to do is urge people to use alternative phrases which take a more enlightened and less judgemental approach to the state of mental and emotional disarray that political correctness sadly finds itself in,’ said a spokesman.

But the move has angered many. ‘This is outrageous,’ said a farmer from Chipping Norton. ‘I’ve been describing everything as political correctness gone mad for years. It’s, it’s… It’s political correctness afflicted by a regrettable but all too common condition which should not be stigmatised, is what it is.’

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Posted: Aug 13th, 2010 by StoopyDeGunt

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