Man arrested for obstructing a police officer’s conversation

Wasting police time now a job title not an offence

A man who interrupted the conversation of two community support officers as they strolled down Clapham High Street can expect a custodial sentence, a magistrate warned last night.

‘I was relaying how myself and the lads are planning a little fishing trip,’ PC Bill Smith told the court, ‘and PC Cornwall was telling me how she was contemplating returning a three-piece suite to DFS because she wasn’t sure it matched the curtains, when I suddenly became aware of another voice.’

‘It’s hard enough strolling in pairs down the street and having a natter, without members of the public interfering. He may have mentioned something about a bank robbery, but before I could call for back-up, PC Cornwall had snapped a gag on him.’

A Met spokesman said the two officers had acted with bravery in the face of provocation. ‘We shall be congratulating them as soon we can get a word in edgeways.’

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