Nation marks anniversary of day when it was decided to mark anniversaries

Flowers have been laid and candles lit on the pavement outside Broadcasting House today to mark the solemn moment when, on this day 30 years ago, senior broadcasters first mapped out the schedule for increasing the rate at which they would mark wartime anniversaries.

With a calm fortitude, an uncharacteristically sober and meditative journalist said, ‘I’m here to remember one of my closest friends, who was at that meeting. So few of the original participants are still alive – it’s important we mark this day before it passes completely out of living memory.’

Anniversary Day gained a new momentum when, in 2005, the German Ambassador said, ‘The British behave as if they had conquered Hitler’s hordes single-handedly. And they continue to see us as Nazis, as if they have to re-fight the war every evening.’ When confronted with this quotation, a government media spokesman simply said, ‘1966; 4-1. What more can I say?’


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