Yul Brynner ‘was lifelong addict’ claims News of the World ‘Veet’ exposé

UK Sunday tabloid the News of the World has published shocking details of substance abuse by celebrities hooked on the hair removal cream ‘Veet’.

The article goes into great detail about the life of the late Yul Brynner, former Broadway and Hollywood star, who became addicted to Veet when his role in the first theatrical run of ‘The King and I’ called for him to have a clean-shaven head. ‘After over a thousand performances as the King, he became so attached to his shine pate that he decided to keep it as a ‘trademark’, just as I became notorious for my hammy acting,’ said friend and mentor William Shatner.

Brynner is not the only celebrity figure to be ‘outed’, with Telly Savalas of ‘Kojak’ fame also heavily implicated, constantly sucking on Veet lollipops during filming. The paper also claims to have uncovered a black market for the controversial substance, with the Veet ‘kingpin’ being named as former Olympic swimmer Duncan Goodhew.

Recovering addict Sinéad O’Connor, who ironically looked much prettier when bald as a coot, has been publicly speaking out against Veet since the article was published. ‘It’s evil,’ said O’Connor, ‘I started out just using Bic razors as a statement about women’s rights, but in time I’d worked my way up to the stronger stuff and was habitually using Veet three or four times a day. They tried to wean me off onto the weaker, less habit-forming Veet substitute ‘Nair’, but once you’ve tried Veet nothing compares to it.’


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