Pulling string out of own arse is worst part of yo-yo dieting

A poll of yo-yo dieters has reached an unexpected conclusion that took pollsters completely by surprise. A thousand weight watchers were asked ‘What’s the worst thing about yo-yo dieting?’

‘We expected them to complain about constantly having to adjust their clothing,’ said pollster Louise Muir. ‘Or maybe mood swings. Or binges of feasting and famine. But the most popular answer they gave really shocked us.’

‘On reflection however, the biggest gripe about the yo-yo diet was quite logical. ‘Yo-yos are hard to digest and they  leave your body pretty much whole. The only way to help them out is to yank on the piece of string.  And that can be hard to get a good grip on,’ said Muir.

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Posted: Aug 27th, 2010 by

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