Lady Gaga admits to wearing beige slacks ‘occasionally’

also admits owning a Winceyette night dress and matching duvet, for when she's alone

Pop sensation Lady Gaga has admitted that she wears normal clothes, describing her usage as ‘occasional’. In an interview with US magazine Vanity Fair, the singer divulged that she dresses in beige slacks and sensible shoes ‘maybe a couple of times a year – with perhaps a nice jumper now and then.’

The twenty-four year old Poker Face singer has admitted to having a ‘serious normalcy habit’ before she was famous, telling The Observer last year that she had ‘bags and bags of ordinary clothes’ while a struggling artist in New York. ‘Being conventional was all the rage back then – I’d regularly shop for bargains at JC Penney before grabbing something to eat at a Taco Bell.’

Lady Gaga (not her real name) also revealed in the candid interview how she forced herself to go cold turkey after blacking out during a particularly heavy session of being ordinary, waking up to find herself shopping for rawlplugs at a Basingstoke B&Q. ‘I knew I had to do something fast, so I took the next available flight home and dressed up like a teapot as soon as I could.’

Responding to Gaga’s comments, Dr Alen Lambtree, Medical Director and Consultant Psychiatrist at the Priory Hospital Glasgow, said: ‘Normalcy, or chasing the magnolia dragon, is becoming increasingly popular with American celebrities. They’re becoming jaded with their glamorous lifestyles and like to dabble in being ordinary.’ Other ‘normal heads’ include US actor star Charlie Sheen, who is currently in rehab after beating his wife in a Pringle sweater, while back in the 90’s many suspected pop legend Prince of doing normalcy after changing his name to Terry Hopkins.

There are also signs that the trend is spreading to Britain, outstripping traditional vices such as mild eccentricity and boorishness. Troubled songstress Amy Winehouse was secretly filmed watching an episode of Heartbeat last year, ex-Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher recently caused controversy by freely admitting that he stops acting like a swaggering lout on a regular basis and chat show host Michael Parkinson is, according to one close friend, ‘so far gone I fear he’ll never wear spandex again. ‘

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