Digital evangelist to burn pile of Amazon Kindles

A digital evangelical group in Florida have been condemned after announcing that they intend to burn a huge pile of Amazon Kindles on Saturday, the six-month anniversary of the launch of the iPad.

Pastor Terry Jobs, leader of the Holy Insufferable iPad Outreach Center in Gainesville, insisted that the move was ‘a way to stand up to greyscale eInk displays and 2 GB moviNAND flash storage’. The digital church, which has around fifty members, is notoriously intolerant of what it terms ‘pagan’ operating systems of belief.

But world opinion was against the move, with the Pakistani president Asif Ali Zardari warning that the Kindle burning could incite anti-Apple sentiment across the Microsoft world. ‘It is an offence in the eyes of the Linux penguin,’ he said. ‘Their technology may be stylish but we have greater backwards compatibility on our side, insha’android.’

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