Underworld does not want Blair’s book in Crime Section

An internet campaign to have Tony Blair’s book placed in the crime section of bookshops has met with objections from gangsters and ex-cons. The criminal underworld is apparently unhappy at being associated with Mr Blair as it makes them feel ‘dirty’, and threats of  ‘action’ against bookshops classifying A Journey as crime writing are being taken seriously by Scotland Yard.

‘Sure my book about being a henchman for the Krays in the 1960s has got some pretty gruesome memories,’ says ‘Mad Mike’ McNeil. ‘There’s beatings, decapitations, and my wonderful after-dinner anecdote about dumping a rival gangster in the wet concrete of the Chiswick flyover.  But to see it on the shelf next to Tony Blair’s memoir – it made me feel physically sick.  Do they think we are completely without morals?’

Threats of violence towards bookshops from Britain’s criminal book-writing community met with a swift response from Tony Blair’s private office.  The former Prime Minister called for immediate military action shoulder to shoulder with the United States, followed by a badly thought-out, chaotic and bloody aftermath, leading to civil war and eventually humiliating withdrawal.

Dun Dunkin

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