Star Wars ‘Emperor’s Theme’ heard on the wind as Pope’s visit approaches

he cometh

As the UK prepares for the Pope’s arrival in the country this Thursday, reports are coming in from all over Britain that the ‘Emperor’s Theme’ from George Lucas’ Star Wars has been heard on the wind, only just discernible at first, and emanating from no obvious source.

Barry Henry from Huddersfield first heard the music while out for a walk in the Pennines. ‘I wasn’t sure what it was for a few minutes,’ he said. ‘It kept coming and going. Then when I stopped for a cup of tea and some Kendal mint cake I realised it was music, and then I remembered where I’d heard it before. My first thought was, ‘Shit, yes, the Pope’s coming to visit isn’t he?’ It quite spoilt my mint cake I can tell you.’

The ‘Emperor’s Theme’, used in Episode VI of the Star Wars trilogy and three abysmal ‘prequels’, is the theme for the evil Emperor Palpatine, aka Darth Sidious. Many have commented on the similarities in appearance between the Pope and Palpatine but this appears to be the first time the Universe has spontaneously made the connection itself.

Tracy Notts from Canterbury, a fan of the original trilogy who first heard the music on the North Downs Way in Kent, said she wasn’t at all surprised. ‘Admittedly the Pope doesn’t shoot blue lightning from his hands – or not in public anyway – but his flair for medieval clothing and apparent desire to spread AIDS make him seem pretty evil. I think we always knew which Star Wars character he was.’

This is not the first time Ms Nott has picked up hints of Star Wars music in the air. Only last week she distinctly heard the sinister strains of ‘The Imperial March’, theme music of the evil Darth Vader, when another convert to the dark side, Tony Blair, was touring the country signing copies of his memoirs.

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