BBC faces backlash over allegations that Chris Moyles is paid

'it's all left me a bit short this month'

The BBC is facing public outrage after it was revealed live on air that Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles receives regular payment for his work on the station. After the breakfast show host launched a tirade against his bosses on Wednesday for the fact he has not received his salary for the past two months, the BBC switchboard received a deluge of complaints from furious listeners, who had been labouring for many years under the misapprehensions that Mr Moyles was an unpaid volunteer, serving community service, or had simply lost a bet.

As Moyles complained of the ‘huge lack of respect’ he believes the corporation has demonstrated for missing the controversial payments, messages came flooding in, many repeating sentiments such as ‘they pay you the other ten months?’, ‘check down the local kebab shop’ and ‘quit your whining you egotistical, talentless moron. Sent from Mark Thompson’s iphone’.

The BBC faces an uphill struggle to regain the trust of the viewing public, many of whom feel cheated that their licence fee has been frittered away. ‘It’s a disgraceful misuse of our money,’ said Mr Brian Trowton from Tunbridge Wells. ‘What on Earth were they thinking? Next thing they’ll tell us that they paid Keith Chegwin for Cheggers Play Pop. Or Terry Wogan for Children in Need. Or Graham Norton.’

As the Red Cross arranged a food drop to keep the DJ going until his pay dispute could be resolved, a slightly more contrite Moyles took to the airwaves yesterday to say that he wasn’t a morning person and couldn’t understand the fuss about him, sentiments which were emphatically echoed by anyone who has ever listened to his radio show. However, the BBC did release a statement regarding late payments and insisted that if Chris Evans wants to host Friday’s One Show, he should make his immediately.’

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