India relieved as Pakistan finally blamed for Games crisis

The Indian government has today breathed a sigh of relief as a way was finally found to blame Pakistan for the ongoing problems with Commonwealth Games facilities.

Pressure had been mounting on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, with opposition leaders pointing out that ‘a government that can’t blame Pakistan for something isn’t fit for purpose’.

An emergency meeting involving the sports minister and other top officials had failed to point the finger fairly and squarely at Pakistan, and hopes were fading when news broke that a firm of building contractors in Pakistan had been accused of making large sums of money betting on occurrences in the building programme such as ‘bridge falling down’ and ‘roof collapsing’.

‘This is fantastic news for the Games,’ beamed Prime Minister Singh. ‘Of course, there may be no truth in the allegations, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it… assuming it’s still standing.’

IABP and R R

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