Treasure trove didn’t change people’s thinking about the Middle Ages

Historians have today admitted that a recent treasure trove haul found in a field in Kent has not changed people’s thinking about the Middle Ages whatsoever.

Experts had hailed the haul of gold coins and other artefacts the ‘biggest and most important find ever’, and held high hopes that it would provide ‘new insights into medieval life to challenge the public’s misconceptions and long-held views’, but today were forced to accept that most people’s interest was limited to ‘how much did that sad, lonely guy with the metal detector get out of it then?’.

The find may in fact have actually been counterproductive in enlightening the public, with one local commenting ‘their banking left a lot to be desired didn’t it. You’d think if you buried all your money in a field someone would remember where it was wouldn’t you. I suppose it was safer than a Northern Rock deposit account though.’


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