Widespread panic as PCs develop resistance to ‘turning it off and on again’

Office workers have reported scenes of anger, consternation and panic as PCs up and down the country yesterday failed to respond to the popular troubleshooting technique of ‘turning it off and on again’.

Programming expert Colin Berwick explained ‘we are extremely concerned by this new development. We’ve feared for some time that the usual glitches of frozen screens and error messages might mutate into new, even more annoying ways to frustrate users, but this is particularly worrying. Bugs that are resistant to turning off and on – that’s truly frightening.’

The Government has appealed for calm but warned that it could take up to six months to create and produce a vaccine against the new resistant strain. It did however admit that it isn’t really all that bothered as they’ve all recently bought ‘lovely new Macbooks’ on expenses.

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