Miliband threw vote, claims Pakistan cricket chief

Pakistani cricket supremo Ijaz Butt today claimed that it is ‘widely known’ that David Miliband deliberately lost the Labour leadership election last week. Butt claims to have seen leaked emails sent to a spot-betting syndicate which accurately predict statements that Miliband would make at specified times during his speeches.

‘Every time Miliband said ‘I stand by my decision on Iraq’ or ‘We’ve much to be proud of from our time in government’, large amounts were staked on the other contestants – even Diane Abbott,’ said Butt. ‘You just don’t say things like that unless you are trying to lose.’

Investigators are looking into the claims, yet Butt has no doubts something fishy was afoot. ‘He earned enough to retire from frontbench politics on the winnings. What further proof do you need?’


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