Child benefit cut ‘will lead to increase in abandoned children’

The Labour Party has attacked the government’s child benefit cuts, predicting a big jump in the number of abandoned children.

‘Undoubtedly many parents will want to dump their children as soon as their child benefit stops,’ said Harriet Harman.  ‘When the twenty quid for the firstborn is withdrawn, there will be little incentive for parents to hang on to what can be an expensive and time-consuming hobby. It’ll be a night drive to a distant quarry or field and – goodbye Johnny.’

Father-of -two John Fairfax said the loss of child benefit would be a big blow. ‘We love the twins dearly, but not to the tune of over thirty quid a week. Of course, we’re not the kind of people to just throw them out on the street. We’ll just return them and get the money back. You’ve still got the receipt haven’t you, darling? John Lewis, I think it was.’

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