Last Chilean miner ‘may have left iron on’

fed the goldfish, though

A team of top psychologists is heading for Chile to provide counselling to Luis Urzua, the last miner to be rescued, as he could not remember if he had remembered to switch off the iron in the chamber where he spent almost 70 days.

‘I had a list of things to do before I left – the usual, pour away the unused milk, switch-off the lights and TV, tidy all the newspapers,’ said Urzua. ‘But then I turned to Mario to check he’d put the bins out – last night’s jalfrezi was a proper honker – and I can’t remember if I switched the iron off. It was lying face-down on the ironing board as well – it could be so dangerous down there.’

Chilean President Sebastian Pinera held an emergency news conference during which he informed the assembled media that ‘whilst we cannot use the Plan B tunnel any longer because Luis Urzua is sure he double-locked it properly as he left – and he gave the door a good shake to make sure it was locked – we will continue drilling the Plan C shaft and in the next few weeks we hope to drop-down a probe which can detect slightly burnt linen. If we think it is still switched on, a rescue team of 12 fully trained cleaning ladies will be sent in a purpose-built pod. We are confident that we can reunite Florencio with his boxers by Christmas’.

Industry analysts have confirmed that the rescued men were in remarkably good health and spirits, despite being trapped underground for 70 days with the constant fear of death. However, some of the miners are having to be sedated in Copiapo hospital to prevent them from ‘just nipping back’ down the mine shaft to check they remembered their wallets, keys and heavy duty mining equipment.

‘It is now in God’s hands,’ said a tearful Urzua, ‘And if it is switched on I can expect a jolly good telling-off. I’m not sure I flushed the loo either.’

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