*Advertising Feature* Looking for a new way to put the ‘fast’ back into ‘breakfast’?

Now, from the company that brought you music on the move with the iPod and the iPad comes the latest mobile innovation: the Apple iToast™

As a Class 1 Laser Device, the iToast uses optical technology to toast your bread evenly in a single 10-second sweep. When it beeps or vibrates simply eject the slice and flip it over to toast the other side. Perfect for busy people who like their toast ‘just so’, the iToast features a full range of settings from ‘Is this thing on?’ through to ‘Cremated’.

Made for the masses, the iToast accepts all of your favourite types of bread. It’s also backwardly-compatible with a range of discontinued and rare bread formats, including white doorstop and Slimcea.

As discrete as you need to be, the iToast’s patented AromaPhones™ are designed to fit snugly inside the nostrils, leaving you free to enjoy the delicious smell of toast on the go, without arousing the suspicions or jealousy of passersby, fellow commuters or work colleagues.

For a limited time each iToast comes with a free shoulder strap, leather-effect pouch and 10 Anchor butter cartridges. Jam pods sold separately.

So get yours today, and never miss breakfast again.
iToast – make.believe

ToastMan and make.believe are trademarks of Apple. Batteries not included. Do not use while driving. Do not immerse in water. Not to be used by children without adequate supervision. Caution: toast may be hot.


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