‘Banksy’s Law’ passed: graffiti legal for arty middle class types

Banksy being smug

Banksy smashing the system, yesterday

Slightly edgy liberals across Britain have hailed the passing of the ‘Spray Paint Dissemination Act – 2010’ into law. The act, better known as ‘Bansky’s Law’ effectively legalises graffiti, provided it is ‘tastefully wrought by members of socio-demographic classes A and B’ and ‘purports to carry a socio-political message of some sort.’

Banksy publically marked the launch of the bill at Bromley-by-Bow’s Brownfield Council Estate, taking an afternoon off from work on his new book: ‘If Voting Changed Anything they’d Abolish It’. The controversial former public schoolboy spray painted a picture of Winnie the Pooh in a gas mask onto one of the stairwells, to wild applause from residents.

‘This is great news’ exclaimed Independent on Sunday editor John Mullin, who launched the Banksy’s Law campaign in 2005 ‘It means that our readers will be able to bemoan how ineffectual the police are in preventing petty vandalism, whilst continuing to  enjoy the wittily daubed anarchist rejoinders of Walls and Piece in the comfort of their own homes.’

Banksy briefly lifted the Palestinian Kuffiyeh from his face to address the assembled media: ‘The Government have given us, the upper-middle classes, a solemn charge: to express the collective sense of alienation and powerlessness felt by millions of us in the face of global capitalism, American hegemony and Tory lies.’

‘My fellow art graduates and I promise to discharge this duty to the very best of our abilities and in witty and ingenious ways’  he declared, winking raffishly, before quickly dashing off a fetching trop d’oeil of a vandalised outside toilet  with ‘smash the cistern’ sprayed underneath.

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