Wikiversity awards world’s first Bachelor of Search (BSrc) degrees

Thousands of graduates will today receive degrees from the new online university ‘Wikiversity’ which dispenses with knowledge-based learning in favour of information found on the internet.

Jointly funded by internet search giants Google, Yahoo and Bing, examinations test what students can find out about a variety of topics, including vampires, where celebrities live and the big conspiracy theories. Students keep a blog instead of coursework, and conventional one-to-one sessions are replaced by poking tutors on Facebook.

Ian Goodall, part-time computer salesman and Dean of Wikiversity explained, ‘Using chat forums we spoke to red brick university students and well over 120% said they were more interested in finding out about stuff posted by individuals on the internet than learning traditional subjects based on, like, boring real facts. In terms of significance today is on a par with that momentous day in 1066 when Lance Armstrong and Buzz Lightyear first landed on the moon.’


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