HMV installs rooftop hives to help save dwindling Bee Gees

Music retailer HMV has begun a rooftop hive scheme as one of a series of initiatives aimed at saving the remaining Bee Gees population.

Apiologist Dr. Danny Small explained the species’ importance in the record chain. ‘The unique high pitched noise emitted by Bee Gees swarming together produces opposing reactions among listeners to recordings. Some say the sound as ‘a beautiful, angelic harmony’, while others describe it as ‘the screeching of a car alarm trying to loosen your fillings.’’

Dr. Small said the hairy creatures have already struggled as numbers have dwindled. ‘It’s a tragedy. They’re known to be particularly vulnerable on Saturday nights where a fever or virus introduced by a single rogue female could cause a chain reaction seriously hampering their prospects for staying alive.’ Other experts disagree however, claiming that the potential risk they’re under suggests the cause is likely more than a woman.


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