‘Horse-riding builders just a bunch of cowboys’ claims homeowner

Chorley homeowner Rita Arnold has spoken out about her bad experience hiring cowboy builders. ‘From the moment they tethered their horses to the garden fence, I knew there was something wrong. They kept ‘moseying off’ to get materials, and they pushed the kitchen door off its hinges because it didn’t open both ways. On the plus side the boys were brilliant lassoing the dog when it escaped.’

She recalled the day when the foreman staggered into the house. ‘He managed to gasp something sounding like ‘engines’ before losing consciousness. I thought he had been run over but then I saw the arrow in his back. I took him to the Health Centre but old Doc was sleeping off a heavy session on the moonshine.’

‘Then one day they stopped coming. I heard later the gang were ambushed by Sheriff Osborne’s benefits posse. It is probably the only time they did any real bricking.’


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