Charity worker Keith bin Laden to appear on Who Do You Think You Are?

keen to explore details of exotic foreign relatives

Celebrity do-gooder Keith bin Laden is to appear on the BBC ancestry show Who Do You Think You Are? in an attempt to discover the identity of the family he has never met.

‘I was found wrapped up on the doorstep of a London orphanage as a two-week-old baby, but apart from my name being inscribed on the crib and a rare condition which meant I already had a full beard, there was absolutely nothing for the authorities to go on,’ Keith told the show’s researchers. ‘Since then there’s been this hole at the centre of my life where my relatives should be. Some of my closest friends work in intelligence and they say they know exactly how I feel.’

Keith became a household name for dedicating his life to charity work in thanks to those who fostered and raised him. ‘It just brings me so much joy to help those less fortunate than myself and to improve the lot of my fellow human beings. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that I get that from my parents. Maybe they are fundraisers or volunteers like me, or perhaps philanthropists using their money to support good causes and to spread happiness. It’s my dad I’m most curious about. Who knows, maybe he shares my passion for camping, paintballing and pot-holing.’

The show features interviews with Keith’s foster parents who say they always knew he was different to the other kids he grew up with. ‘His favourite game was cowboys and Indians. It really brought out the leader in him. To see him stood there, a toy rifle slung over his shoulder, as he addressed his fellow Indians on the importance of defeating the godless white cowboys – I always knew he was destined for great things. And of course he never lost a game of hide-and-seek in his life.’

The show will finish filming this week as producers reveal to Keith what they have been able to find out about his family. ‘I’m so excited,’ he said today. ‘The BBC managed to track down my father, but he works overseas so a physical reunion isn’t possible. Instead he’s recorded a video message for me. Apparently he talks about the need to make enormous sacrifices to bring about a fairer deal for the oppressed people of the world. Maybe he works for Oxfam too.’

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