Hidden tree finally discovered in ground

A horse chestnut tree that hid from Nazis during World War II has finally come out of hiding for the first time in over 150 years. The tree, which had been hiding in a street just outside the Anne Frank House Museum in Amsterdam had managed to stay undetected throughout the German occupation, despite an extensive search by the Gestapo after a tip off from collaborators.

Despite the street attracting over a million visitors a year, the tree remained unnoticed for over 60 years by visitors flocking to the Anne Frank House Museum, even though clues to its whereabouts were littered throughout the diaries left by Frank. One poignant passage which should have given historians a clue read ‘Oh that sodding tree, I wish someone would chop the bastard thing down. I can’t see a thing out of this window.’

It is believed the tree may have simply become exhausted after standing in one spot for so long and was finding it increasingly difficult to carry on the subterfuge.

Gerontius Bonalatty

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