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Latest Dead Sea Scroll fragments ‘just classified ads’

Scholars analysing the most recently discovered fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls have been surprised to find that the text tells them less about religious doctrine and historical events, and more about the second-hand trading market in early Christian society.

‘From the buying and selling of unwanted items, to the provision of services and personal ads, what we appear to have here is an advertising supplement to the main scrolls,’ said religious historian Wes Soloman. ‘All we need to find now are the letters page, the sports section and cryptic crossword.’

In sharing their findings with the world, scholars have described the text as the most exciting development in Judeo-Christian studies since the discovery of a crucifixion round-up published each Sabbath, the News of the Screws.

experts were expecting something a bit more spiritual

By Rowly (with contributions from riesler, dogwheels, Sinnick, rickwestwell, IABP, De-scribe, Al O’Pecia, arflaethel)

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Posted: Oct 24th, 2010 by Guest

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