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ITV to broadcast new drama ‘Downturn Abbey’

ITV is to broadcast a new contemporary costume drama, ‘Downturn Abbey’. The drama is set in the eponymous stately home and follows the lives of the aristocratic Osborne family, wallpaper manufacturers, and the servants who work for them.

In the first episode, Gideon Osborne, heir to the Osborne baronetcy, decides to slash the already meagre wages of his servants, with tragic results. Unable to survive, several servants secretly claim benefits until exposed by Osborne’s friend, ‘Quiet Man’ Iain Duncan Smith, who casts them out, penniless.

The episode reaches its climax when Osborne’s chauffeur, Bill Crow, hearing of rebellion in France, leads a below-stairs ‘call to arms’, resulting in the bloody massacre of the entire Osborne family. ‘The carnage was the worst I’ve seen since a Bullingdon Club dinner,’ remarks Osborne’s friend, David ‘Toff’ Cameron, in the final scene.

For financial reasons, Downturn Abbey will be broadcast in black and white.


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Posted: Oct 27th, 2010 by Al OPecia

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