Missing bloke found safe at home

When 35-year-old David Young didn’t appear at his local for his nightly ten pints, the landlord of the White Swan called the police. ‘I’ve not seen anything like it in my thirty years behind the pumps,’ said Jim Beamish. ‘You could set the optics by Dave. After six o’clock, the regulars thought something awful must have happened.’

A door-to-door search later discovered Mr Young at home – just twenty yards from the White Swan – watching television. ‘I think I must have had a blackout,’ he told police. ‘I remember putting my jacket on to go down to the pub, then I woke up in front of the telly and a large policeman.’

‘Well, if you say he was at home, I suppose he must have been,’ said Mrs Young. ‘But I don’t recall the bugger getting under my feet last night.’


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