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Village of Stuffing Grotwick places singles ad in hunt for twin village

A Hertfordshire village has placed a singles ad in newspapers across Europe in the hunt for another village willing to twin with it.

‘All the villages around us are twinned,” said Graham Huntsdon of Stuffing Grotwick Parish Council. ‘After a while it starts to get to you when they talk about their trip to France to meet the mayor of the village they’re twinned with.’

‘We’ve got a lot to offer,’ claims Ben Stokesby, a Stuffing Grotwick caravan park owner. ‘Sure, the other villages can be a bit cruel sometimes. They act like there’s something about Stuffing Grotwick which stops us getting twinned, but we’ve just had a run of bad luck, that’s all.’

Vicar of Stuffing Grotwick the Rev Jim Peters said that the villagers were growing desperate: ‘If we don’t find a village soon, we’re going have to accept the offer to twin with Sleepy Hollow.’

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Posted: Oct 31st, 2010 by la maga

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