BBC presenters ‘must represent diverse cross section of worthy causes’

After intense lobbying from charities, the BBC has declared that as from today all presenters must at all times of the year wear not less than fifty badges, ribbons, flags, flowers or buttons representing a diverse cross section of worthy causes.

“People were quite rightly asking why all wear the same thing at the same time, and why some to the exclusion of others,” said a spokesman. “Why have an entire panel wearing red poppies but not be seen to support Testicular Cancer? And surely the RSPCA’s not just for Christmas?”

In an effort to avoid long turnaround times for guests, a tabard with the day’s 50 approved organisations will be provided, with a variety of colours to suit individual taste. Football managers will continue to be interviewed in front of a panel of logos of commercial banks and breweries.

Asked whether the BBC pension fund would be one of the approved good causes, Director General Mark Thompson went very quiet, and started coughing.

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