America stood shoulder to shoulder with us over terrorism, says Gerry Adams

Gerry Adams has been criticised for getting his historical facts wrong in a speech during his American tour, in which he alluded to the war. ‘Let us not forget that America stood shoulder to shoulder with us, and her troops were there fighting alongside us,’ Adams told a whooping crowd of US Congressmen in Washington.

However critics have pointed out that America didn’t actually fight alongside the IRA, but merely supplied funding, ammunition, moral and legal support and offered a safe haven to provos during the terror campaign.

Adams’ gaffe has horrified historians. ‘The Americans weren’t actually fighting alongside us,’ said Kevin Flynn, chief of the Association of Historical Mural Painters, ‘I think wee Gerry’s been watching too many Mickey Rourke movies.’

Though Hollywood Studios offered enormous moral support to the IRA during the early stages of what’s become known as ‘the war on terror’, Flynn maintains that its brigade of crack troops – which includes fighting men such as Brad Pitt and Sylvester Stallone – now seems to have switched sides. ‘American didn’t really join the war on terror until it was attacked on September 11 2001. But by that stage they seem to have decided that terrorists aren’t all that glamorous after all.’

Allegedly seeking to flatter his American hosts, Adam’s comments and his elevation of America’s status in the world war on terror has upset people at home. However there is one consolation according to Flynn: ‘Yes, it’s bad saying the Americans stood shoulder to shoulder with us, when they weren’t actually there, but at least he correctly describes the Irish paramilitaries as the junior partner.’

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