Mother of four found living in Britain’s most expensive palace rent-free

Just weeks after George Osbourne’s tough announcements on people claiming housing benefit in expensive parts of Central London, it has been revealed that a mother of four and her immigrant Greek partner have been living rent-free at a highly-prestigious address for a total of 57 years.

Using the example of the family during a BBC News interview, Osbourne went on to claim that the people in question had finagled a series of other properties across the country using a range of made up names and titles, while the adult children were prime examples of why the long-term unemployed should be forced to take on constructive work.

‘It’s flagrantly unfair,’ said the Chancellor, as a panicked looking aide whispered a message in his ear, ‘Who do these people think they are the Roy…still, live and let live, as I always say.’

therustler, Basil_B

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